Digital Play Marketing Partners with Go2Productions for Hi-Tech Corporate Videos

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We wanted to partner with Go2 Productions for a number of reasons but after we saw just a few sample videos they had done for corporations and associations, we knew they were a perfect fit. Go2 can build entertaining and educational videos for companies of all size and on just about any budget, and this was very important to us. They are creative types and extremely focused on producing incredibly engaging videos for their clients. They have such a wide variety of skills and talent in video production as you will see in our sample video portfolio. Together with Go2 Productions, Digital Play Marketing can now cover on site video production across the US and Canada.

We are eager to approach our client base and introduce this new service that will allow our clients to build their brand and explain their products and services in a matter of minutes and in a format that is growing in popularity by the day. Videos of this quality have an extremely long shelf life and can be used for placement directly on the home page of company websites. We are excited about working with a fun, friendly and extremely professional video production company.

Digital Play Marketing Team